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"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13

HEF Board of Directors and Staff

Susan Turbeville

Susan Turbeville, Executive Director of HEF (El Dorado, AR)

Associated with HEF since 1979; on the staff at HEF since 2001

How did you find yourself involved with HEF?

"While growing up in the First Presbyterian Church in El Dorado, AR, Frances and Gardner Landers began going to Haiti. Our church was very involved with many aspects of their medical mission…fundraising and packing supplies. This was my first experience with Haiti. Soon after, Frances began her ministry of education and once again, as a youth in the church, I heard about what the Landers were doing and took interest. In early 2001, a good friend of Frances wanted her to have an assistant and offered to pay for a part time employee. I was looking for a part time employment opportunity and am thrilled to have had the blessing of working with Frances as I did. She taught me so much about faith and HOPE and that education is Haiti's best chance out of poverty!"

About Susan

She has been married to Joe Turbeville since 1986 and they have two children, Emile and Trey. We are very involved with our church. I also serve on the school board in El Dorado.

Vicki Lambert

Vicki Lambert, Financial Secretary (El Dorado, AR)

Joined HEF staff: April 2010

How did you find yourself involved with HEF?

"When I first came to work for the Haiti Education Foundation, I only knew of Frances Landers as the wife of my ophthalmologist and Susan Turbeville through mutual friends. Susan approached me after the earthquake in Haiti asking me if I was willing to help them out with the abundance of correspondence they were receiving at that time. I have since learned lots and still have lots to learn about the Haiti Education Foundation, but with PRIDE I am quick to respond to others that I am affiliated with the Haiti Education Foundation."

About Vicki

Vicki is a member of Norphlet United Methodist Church.  She is married to Jimmy Lambert, has three children (Tiffany, Amy, and Nicolas) and two grandchildren.

Rob Crittenden

Rob Crittenden, Board Chairman (Seattle, WA)

Associated with HEF since 1994

How did you find yourself involved with HEF?

"When our family first moved to Roanoke, VA, in 1993, we joined Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church. RCPC was already involved with HEF and had decided to fund the building of a school, now called the Allison School, in Larevoir, as part of a large fundraising effort. One mission trip had already been taken; I joined the next three, leading the second and third ones. I really admired the work that was being done and found Pere Albert to be the greatest person I had ever met. I loved the fact that HEF uses 100% of all donations for direct Haitian aid, as the administrative fees are covered anonymously by others. And HEF's work was the most palpable example for me of how the power of God can work through two ordinary human beings. I wanted to be part of such a great mission."

About Rob

Rob and his wife, Beth, split their time between Roanoke, VA and Seattle, WA. Rob loves about anything outdoors, particularly hiking, backcountry camping, whitewater rafting, and cycling.

George Brandon

George Brandon, Treasurer (Calabash, NC)

Associated with HEF since 1997

How did you find yourself involved with HEF?

"I have taken several trips to Haiti, most of which I have led. I am active in HEF because God called me to do so. I knew this from the first day I visited the people of our parishes in Haiti. I haven't always been obedient to that call, but I'm trying."

About George

George lives in Calabash, NC, with his wife Sue. He spends most of his free time fishing. He attends Calabash Presbyterian Church.

Mike Landers, Former President and Board Member (El Dorado, AR)

Associated with HEF since 1981

How did you find yourself involved with HEF?

"I have been involved with HEF since its inception, as my mother, Frances Landers, was the founder of the organization. I took my first trip to the Haitian mountains in 1994. My wife, Susan, has been active in HEF for many years and has traveled with Frances to Haiti several times. Our son, Dr. Jason Landers, and his wife, Laura, accompanied Frances and me on trip there as well. Jason participates in medical mission trips to Haiti. Our son Bryce Landers and his wife, Elizabeth, also have been supportive of the effort."

About Mike

Mike and Susan have four wonderful grandchildren who live in Northwest Arkansas.

Cathy Ulrich

Cathy Ulrich, Board Member (Akron, OH)

Associated with HEF since 2011

How did you find yourself involved with HEF?

"After moving to Arkansas in 1989 I immediately heard stories of Frances Landers and her work with the children of Haiti. These were told to me by members of the church I was serving as a pastor. When we moved to Fort Smith, Chris McRae talked about HEF and its ministry. When asked to join the board I gladly agreed and took some trips to Haiti with Susan. These are never to be forgotten. "

About Cathy

Cathy is a PCUSA pastor and lives in Akron, Ohio, with her husband Tom, where she serves Eastminster Presbytery as the General Presbyter and Stated Clerk. Cathy lived in Arkansas for 26 years serving 3 different churches; Tom is also a pastor. They like hiking, plays, concerts, movies, and baseball.

Jeffrey Landers

Jeffrey Landers Board Member (San Antonio, TX)

Associated with HEF since 2013

How did you find yourself involved with HEF?

"Growing up as a child in El Dorado, AR, I attended countless speaking engagements with my grandmother and founder of HEF, Frances Landers, when she was raising money to help grow the foundation into what it is today. My family has always been involved with missions in Haiti, and I had the opportunity to take my first trip to the island in 2011 where I visited nine schools in the southern region and the hospital in Leogane. It was during that trip that my grandmother’s passion that started three decades ago was passed onto me…and I now truly understand just how much the people of the southern mountains of Haiti depend on HEF for their education and future. I look forward to continuing to support the efforts of such a worthwhile foundation as a HEF board member."

About Jeffrey

Jeffrey and his wife, Ashley, and their two children, Jake and Birdie, are members of Laurel Heights United Methodist Church in San Antonio. He is an active member of Rotary Club of San Antonio, NIOSA (Night In Old San Antonio), and the San Antonio Food Bank while working at Wells Fargo as a business banker. He loves spending time and traveling with this family. He also enjoys all sports, outdoor activities and playing with his dog, Luna.

Mary Jo Oliver

Mary Jo Oliver, Board Member (El Dorado, AR)

Associated with HEF since 1979

How did you find yourself involved with HEF?

"As a member of First Presbyterian Church, ElDorado, I was inspired and engaged by the work the Landers were doing in Haiti. Through our Sunday School classes and other groups, my daughters and I begin to seek ways of helping by packing supplies for the Landers' trips and helping to raise money for their mission. As the size and scope of the mission grew, I offered to help Frances bydoing tasks such asmaking deposits and securing help withpromotionalmaterials. After HEFbecame a 501(c)(3) organization, there were numerous accounting jobs to be done and I stepped in torelieve Frances of these responsibilities.(She was so good at writing her famous letters and we wanted herto invest her time incommunicating the word about Haiti.) Trips to Haiti and the people of Haiti really "sealed the deal" as far as my love and passion for this organization and its work."

About Mary Jo

Mary Jo is a retired former owner of a glass business with her husband, Kenneth Oliver Jr. They have two daughters: Susan (married to Joe Turbeville) and Sylvia (married to Sean Brady). They also have four grandchildren.

Shelby Guilbert

Shelby Guilbert, Board Member (Shreveport, LA)

How did you find yourself involved with HEF?

"I made my first trip to Haiti to help install a Living Waters for the World/Solar Under the Sun clean water supply system to an orphanage in northern Haiti in 2012. After several trips representing First Presbyterian Church Shreveport on installation trips, our outreach ministry began looking at a way to build a long lasting relationship with the people of Haiti. The church has supported HEF at some level off and on since Frances Landers began her work. We decided there was no better way to support the people of Haiti that to partner with HEF and adopt a school. I now lead our church’s mission teams in support of the St. Matthais Elementary School and the people of Cheridant, Haiti."

About Shelby

He is married to Peggy, and they have three children and seven grandchildren. They are active in their church, love nature, to travel, and spend time with family.

Mickey Quinlan

Mickey Quinlan, Board Member (Shreveport, LA)

How did you find yourself involved with HEF?

"As part of our Episcopal church’s search for an international outreach partner, we were invited by our friends at 1st Presbyterian Church in Shreveport to listen to Susan and Ancy speak about the story of HEF. We were immediately inspired, and I took a ‘come and see’ trip with our 1st Pres friends. I was immediately hooked, and St. Paul’s agreed to sponsor the pre school at St. Mathias in Cherident. Since 2015, St. Paul’s members have averaged at least 2 trips per year and developed amazing friendships with our partner school and the people in the Cherident community. My wife and I truly consider our friends in Haiti an extension of our family and cherish every opportunity we have to be with them."

About Mickey

Mickey and his wife Mackey (a pediatrician and board member of the Haiti Healthcare Partners) are members of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Shreveport, LA. They have 3 children: Riley (14- who has been to Haiti twice), Brady (11), and Cole (8). Mickey splits his time professionally between managing a small family oil and gas company and owning/operating a college consulting business. During his free time, Mickey shuttles children to the various sports practices, enjoys fishing, hiking, and most any outdoor activities

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